Introduction to Algorithm

This course covers topics including sorting, Binary Search Trees, Red-Black Trees, Dynamic programming, Greedy Algorithms, Graph Algorithms, Linear Programming, String Matching and also will introduce some advanced topics like graph cut based texture synthesis and surface registration.

2022 Spring, Undergraduate Course
2021 Spring, Undergraduate Course
2020 Spring, Undergraduate Course
2019 Spring, Undergraduate Course
2018 Spring, Undergraduate Course
2017 Spring, Undergraduate Course
2016 Fall, Undergraduate Course

Wavelet Analysis

Wavelet is a mathematical technology developed in last 80th, which have important application in functional theory, differential equation, signal analysis and image processing. As a beginning course on wavelet analysis, the course includes Fourier analysis and transformation, Gabor transformation and wavelet transformation. The Mallat’s multi-resolution analysis, Daubechies’s orthogonal wavelet construction and wavelet package are introduced. In the end, some basic application of wavelet on image and geometric processing is discussed.

2015 Spring, Undergraduate Course

Digital Geometry Processing

This course provides an introduction to digital geometry processing, a subfield of computer graphics. This course will cover basic mathematical foundations for studying 3D surfaces from a discrete differential geometric standpoint and present the full geometry processing pipeline, including surface representation, 3D data scanning, registration, surface reconstruction, mesh smoothing, parameterization, and surface deformation.

2016 Spring, Graduate Course

Numerical Optimization

This course covers classical optimization approaches (line search method, trust region method, quasi-newton method, penalty method, augmented Lagrangian method, etc…) and the algorithms (split bregman method, alternative direction method, etc…) developed to solve sparse optimization problems.

2018 Fall, Graduate Course
2015 Fall, Graduate Course
2014 Fall, Graduate Course
2014 Spring, Graduate Course
2013 Spring, Graduate Course

Digital Image Processing

This course covers classical approaches to image processing, PDE based method for image processing and some selected advanced topics.

2017 Fall, Graduate Course
2013 Fall, Graduate Course
2012 Fall, Graduate Course